I like quirky things. On my desk at work I have a silver cat with a slinky for a body and a clock in its chest. Next to it is a cat made out of nuts and bolts and copper wire. Usually, I buy said quirky things when I'm traveling, but I've found just the place to get them right here in the Valley - Home & Planet.

Home & Planet has been nestled in South Side Bethlehem for nearly 10 years now, yet I only discovered it last year when it was mentioned in a blog postright here on Lehigh Valley InSite. (Once again, even as a lifelong resident of Lehigh Valley, I'm finding new places to go in the area.)

Anyway, Home & Planet is all about funky yet stylish earth-friendly home decor and gifts. I'm not talking about an old cable spool being used as a coffee table - I'm talking about truly classy art, like a pop art portrait of James Dean made out of recycled license plates.

So far I have only purchased one thing from Home & Planet - a pendulum clock made from recycled bicycle parts. My problem is, the things I like the most always seem the most expensive (although the folks at Home & Planet try their best to keep a variety of priced merchandise in stock). Therefore, I consider Home & Planet truly to be my guilty pleasure shopping spot.

Here are some of my favorite Home & Planet items ...