My wife, Sybil, two friends, Stan and Ellane, and I did 83% of the Hidden Treasures Tour last Sunday. This is the fourth year my wife and I have done the tour, and it never ceases to impress. Artist DeLana Hornbeck is the brains behind the tour and she does a great job.

Each of the six venues on the tour is a working studio of one of the artists. Two or more additional artists set up to sell their work in the studio as well, and light refreshments are generally available. You have the opportunity to talk with the artists and learn what's behind their work and, in some cases, also see how it's made. It is a great opportunity to see and buy original work.

We visited five of the six stops on the tour. My personal favorite is the stop at Topton Glass Works (I use one of their tumblers in my office for drinking water). We had the opportunity to see several glass pieces being made. They also have the best food.

A new studio this year was David Stehley's wood-carving studio. First of all it's huge; he had several stations with works in various stages of completeness at each one. Second, the detail in his work is incredible. Bianka Gouck was also there; her Raku was excellent.

Other artists that I enjoyed were: DeLana Hornbeck, Dan Gaumer, Carlene Morrow, Pam Iobst, Jim Fazio and Jeff Kleckner, to mention a few.

This is an annual event, so look for it in November, 2009.