About a week ago my wife and I had a free night so we asked friends of ours Rob and Kathy to come experience Lehigh Valley. Since I know of this great website, discoverlehighvalley.com, (sorry shameless plug) I said I would handle the particulars.

We first set out to Clover Hill Vineyard & Winery for a few bottles on their patio.  From the second we got there the scenery, sounds and smells were sure to make this a relaxing few hours. We headed into the showroom for a quick tasting where we were met with a huge smile from Kari Skirp, one of the owners.

Here's a great woman who truly does it all. From helping us choose a few bottles of red, to removing propane tanks from the grill, to breaking down chairs and tables, she truly is hands-on in every aspect of the family business.

We chose a few bottles and headed back outside to listen to the two-piece band, have some wine and a few shish kabobs from the grill. Closing time was coming quick so we finished our wine and headed for stop number two.

Mangos Coastal Cuisine was a quick pit stop where we each had a drink on their secluded patio, a few more laughs and some conversation as to where we were headed next. No fear ... I had that covered.

We headed down Hamilton Street to Sangria*. I have eaten here many times, (tough not to when your office is directly above it) but for my wife, Rob and Kathy this was a first. The hidden gem here is their red sangria, so when in Rome ... out came four red sangrias.  My company was impressed and told me I could stop telling them how good it was now, as they finally got to experience it for themselves. We decided to get a bunch of appetizers for dinner to share. From the edamame, to the pork skewers, to the pot stickers, all were fabulous. As we wiped our mouths, our journey wasn't complete. One last stop before we called it a day.

We walked the couple blocks (yes folks walked, it's not that scary) to Cosmopolitan and in particular their 4th floor al fresco Sky Lounge. Getting off the elevator I was amazed at the vibe. It felt as if a little bit of New York or Chicago was transplanted into our city. As 9:30 rolled around some sad news had come in, life long E-street Band member Clarence "Big Man" Clemons passed away. All of us being big fans, we decided to raise one last glass to toast the man who brought us such enjoyment over the years. The DJ obliged and played some Jungleland. With smiles on our faces and tears on our cheeks, there was no better way to end the day than saluting one last hidden gem.

Don't worry folks I know what you're thinking. We had a designated driver :)

*Sangria closed July 2013.