There are plenty of places in Lehigh Valley to get a good cheesesteak. Up in my neck of the woods, people rave about the cheesesteaks at Haak's School House. Friday night I went to Haakie's with my dad, my cousin, a friend of my dad's and his wife so I could finally try out one of these infamous cheesesteaks.

I parked in the field across the street and waited for the tractor driving down the road to pass before crossing the street. I walked in to find my dad and cousin already at one of the four tables. Good thing, because at 6pm on a Friday, the place was already full - but that doesn't take much since it's a pretty small place to begin with.

Haakie's is an old one-room school house. The walls are filled with all sorts of old signs, photos, sports memorabilia and, of course, a decorated deer head. Besides tables, chairs and the bar, there's a TV ... and maybe a jukebox. It's one of those small "country" bars, where the drinks are cheap and everyone knows everyone else. Instead of Ralph Lauren and Gucci, here you'll see Wranglers and Carhartts. It kind of feels like you walked in to a hunting camp.

Except for a chalkboard by the bar, there aren't any menus, but we knew what we wanted = cheesesteaks! While we waited for our food, which took a good hour to make because each cheesesteak is made one at a time in iron skillet, my dinner mates talked about guns and ammo (see, just like a hunting camp!).

When the food finally came, I was starving. A regular cheesesteak at Haakie's consists of fresh-from-the-local-butcher meat, cheese melted throughout, onions, pickles and sauce; order it "hot" and they'll add some peppers. Besides the sauce - my favorite is the sweet and tangy sauce on a Foulker's cheesesteak - it really was the best cheesesteak I've ever had. No wonder they made the Top 5 in Michaels and Layne's "Lehigh Valley's Best Cheesesteak" competition.

Have you ever been to Haak's School House, Germansville's best-kept secret?