These blogs are supposed to be about all the wonderful places Lehigh Valley has to offer. Today I ask that you bear with me, as this blog is going to be about the passing of a wonderful, kind-hearted, father, son, cousin, nephew, and friend. Yesterday, I had the unfortunate challenge of seeing my friend, Fred Hossler, laid to rest.

On Tuesday, August 21, Fred was working, as he did everyday, for Ehrlich Pest Control when he had a horrific accident. Some of the best doctors at Lehigh Valley Hospital said that most people with injuries as severe as Freddy's would have never made it off the operating room table, but not the "Silver Fox" (a nickname granted him by friends because of his premature gray hair). Freddy continued to battle, and not only made it off the operating table, but this tough son of a gun (trying to keep it clean) fought for eight strenuous days until the Lord called him home on Wednesday, August 29, at the oh so young age of 34.

When tragedy strikes it is only natural to ask “why?” Being a man of Christian faith, I guess the Lord needed Freddy on this given day. Freddy left behind a wonderful wife, Lori, and two sons, Bailey and Tyler. Their grieving process is set to begin and that's the part that tears me up inside. No family should lose such a beautiful man so young. Lori, my family, and many others will continue to pray for you and the boys.

So, again, I thank everyone for letting me take the time to remember a friend and veer off the typical topics that our staff usually writes about that focus on the great things Lehigh Valley has to offer. I'll tell you one thing that is great, the opportunity to have known Freddy Hossler and to call him my friend.

So, the next time you begin to lament the fact that our area doesn't offer enough to see; remember the friendships forged in life are much more important than any place you may go or anything you may do. Hug the ones you love extra hard tonight, I know I will. I miss you already Fred.