When I first moved to Lehigh Valley, I was single, in my 20s, lived alone, worked in hotels and five o'clock meant one thing...Happy Hour. You could set your watch by the hundreds of office workers who gathered for their well-deserved after-hours cocktails. Back then, the main crowd moved around. One night of the week, the Sheraton Jetport (now Four Points by Sheraton) was the "in spot." Another spot was the Allentown Fairgrounds Saloon. Without question, Friday night belonged to "my place," the Allentown Hilton, now the Holiday Inn Center City Allentown.

These days my life is much different. I'm more likely to hit the gym after work in a feeble attempt to win my "battle of the bulge." At least once a month, though, I do Happy Hour.

Three years ago Sally, from Alvin H. Butz Inc., decided people who work in our building should get to know each other and "First Monday" was born. The cool thing about our get-togethers is the blend of people who attend and the fact that it is open to anyone. I especially like the fact that as I'm walking down Hamilton Street to pick up lunch, I run into people I've met at previous First Mondays from PPL, PennDOT, KNBT and other local businesses - in other words, neighbors I might not have known otherwise.

Every month, our group moves around patronizing Made in Brazil at the hotel, Allentown Brew WorksAllentown Symphony Hall and in our building at 9th & Hamilton. If you'd like to get in on this just send me your e-mail address (Nancy@LehighValleyPA.org) and I'll make sure you're on the list.

So, thanks to Sally, the first Monday of each month I relive my 20-something tradition and still hit my gym on my way home.

Where's the Lehigh Valley hot spots for 20-somethings now?