During a picnic last weekend, my new neighbor's mom (who was visiting Lehigh Valley from Long Island, NY) mentioned they had recently been to the Kutztown Folk Festival.

This is the 60th anniversary of the Kutztown Folk Festival and in many ways is hasn't changed much over the years. That's the allure! You can still see over 200 craftsmen and folk artists demonstrating their skills such as weaving, carving, blacksmithing, chair caning...you name it. Just watching the work that goes into each piece makes me want to buy one of everything!

Although Jimmy is now in college, I still enjoy checking out the many options for kids at the Folk Festival. Lots of hands-on activities like puppet making, along with storytelling, sing-along's, a magician and a ventriloquist keep little ones entertained for hours without Disney animation. I love to watch them ride the horse-drawn carousel...its sooo 19th century!

Then there's the food! Let's just say you won't leave hungry. All sorts of authentic Pennsylvania Dutch traditional foods are prepared and served including fresh baked breads and ox roasted on a spit every day. You can tell the recipes have been passed down from generation to generation unaltered. Luckily you can bring many items home to enjoy, once you're hungry again.

For me, the absolute best part of the festival is the quilts. Walking into the quilt barn and seeing over 2,500 quilts on display takes my breath away, it is that spectacular. All the beautiful designs and craftsmanship cannot be described, it must be seen. This coming Saturday, July 10, people from all over the world will be on hand for the auction of the 24 prize-winning quilts. A lot of money will be changing hands, these are museum quality works of art. Here are last year's winners.

So, what has changed about the Kutztown Folk Festival over the past 60 years? Well, for one thing they now have a really informative website. Oh, and they started a quilting blog!

Have you ever been to the Kutztown Folk Festival? What's your favorite part?