Last Friday Michael and I attended the faux, spirited nuptials of Elemina Faust and Soloman Dorney. The wedding and reception were held at the Mansion House Hotel at Dorney Park in Lehigh Valley. The event served as the kick-off to Dorney Park's 2010 Halloween Haunt.

The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Cliff Herring and it wasn't long before the bride and groom were wisked away to spend their night at the Mansion House Hotel. Meanwhile, the guests were treated to a fabulous menu at the reception. My favorites were the shrimp cocktail served in a coffin made out of ice, the duck breast, the petite lamb chops and the assorted desserts.

As soon as dinner was done we got to tour the Mansion House Hotel (new for 2010). We were graciously greeted by the concierge who led us to the front desk area. There, we were handed our "room key." We wound our way through the entire hotel, including the kitchen, baths, laundry and guest rooms. In one room we were asked for our key and they took pictures of us that could be purchased at the end. There were some good scares throughout the hotel. All I will say is just watch your back!

Most of the rides at the Park were open, but we chose to not make ourselves sick after eating a great meal. Instead, we walked around and enjoyed the scary creatures roaming around the park. In total there are 13 extreme haunts. I think one of the scariest is the Corn Stalkers maze. I'm not telling you anymore because I don't want to ruin it. You will just have to experience it for yourself!

Now through the end of the Halloween Haunt (October 31) is definitely my favorite time of the year to visit Dorney Park. The weather makes for an enjoyable experience and the lines aren't as long as they are during the summer.

Will you check out Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park this year? Have you been to previous year's Haunts?