June was a busy month for groundbreaking events in Lehigh Valley!

On the 10th I attended the Allentown Art Museum's expansion celebration, complete with hard hats and shiny shovels. On the 11th I was in the parking lot of the Steel Ice Center for PBS Channel 39's ceremonial "tape cutting" event. No, PBS won't be broadcasting from the Steel Ice Center. It was held there because their new studio will be built right next to Steel Stacks, which currently is being constructed right next to the Steel Ice Center. The tape cutting symbolized how state-of-the-art the new facility will be. Film is sooo last decade.

Although both events were attended by some of the same "usual suspects" from the area, each brought out some stars of their own. At the Art Museum, for example, I had the privilege of speaking with several donors whose contributions to the $20.4 million capital campaign far surpassed my paltry support of a family membership. At the PBS celebration I spoke with Paula Kerger, PBS's President and CEO who was up from Washington D.C. for the event. I also introduced myself to Pat Simon, President and CEO of PBS 39 whose $1,000 pledge I took by phone during a recent televised pledge drive made by jaw drop. Oh, and I had my picture taken with Elmo. >

These two projects, although different, do share a common denominator: They are both projects that will be enjoyed by zillions of people living in and visiting Lehigh Valley for years to come. I, for one, can't wait to see the finished products.

Wow, two days in a row of rubbing elbows with the "who's who" of the valley and beyond! I've decided my next goal is to be a philanthropist (when I win the lottery, of course). It's a tough job...but somebody has to do it.