With the Phillies already in the World Series and the Yankees well on their way, we are sitting at Ground Zero for the World Series. Lehigh Valley is located just over an hour from Philly and about an hour and a half from NYC. (Of course those driving times are without traffic figured in; you could be 3 hours away from either of them depending on driving conditions.)

Lehigh Valley is where oil and vinegar mix because there is a very strong fan base for both teams here. In fact The Lehigh Valley Yankee Fan Club is the largest in the country. I have no allegiance to either of these teams - I'm a Mets fan (please take a few seconds to compose yourself after all the laughing you just did before continuing). I actually have a deep hatred for both the Phillies and the Yankees. But as a baseball fan in Lehigh Valley, you couldn't ask for a better World Series. If you had the time and money to do so, you could probably go to every game. Lehigh Valley also gets Philly and NYC local news coverage. It should be interesting to observe both sides.

I am planning on going out to a local sports bar (Rookies, Starters, PigPen's) during this series just to see how the fans behave. I've seen Eagles and Giants fans together and that isn’t a pretty sight. I'm thinking the interaction between the Phillies and Yankees fans could be better than the games themselves.