During lunch at Green Harvest Food Emporium in Easton, I realized there was fresh, locally grown lettuce on my ham-and-cheese-on-pretzel bread sandwich! I could taste it. It was multi-colored, tender and sweet.

Green Harvest Food Emporium is in the same building as the Grand Eastonian Suites. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week except Sunday. I love the term "Food Emporium" - which means they are a market that sells a variety of food items, even though the cafe is not a big place.

Besides tasty sandwiches and salads, Green Harvest Food Emporium's owner, Doreen Repsher, makes freshly baked goodies, including a bunch of vegan and gluten-free products, which is really thoughtful. There were plenty of dairy options too; I saw Purple Cow Creamery treats in the freezer!

The store's interior is spacious and bright, and features quite a bit of recycled materials. I learned that July 2 marked two years since the business opened, and the owners recently acquired the Easton Coffee Exchange.

While I was walking back to the parking garage, a cute little family with Crayola stickers on their shirts asked me where to go for lunch. Since the only dining option that is evident when you're stepping out of Two Rivers Landing is the scariest McDonald's I have ever seen, I don't blame them for crossing Third Street to see what else was out there. I gave them a couple of options, which included the Exchange, Mex Tex Trio, Phenom, Sette Luna.

As Mom, Dad and the two girls headed in the direction of the Exchange, the wife said to the husband, "Wow, Easton is really great. There's all kinds of good things down here for us to do."

This post was written by Lehigh Valley InSite guest blogger Megan Santucci, who also writes the Lehigh Valley Transplant blog.