I just had lunch at one of my favorite locations in downtown AllentownBada Bingg!

I love the place for a number of reasons, all of which make Bada Bingg an easy decision where to go for lunch throughout the work week.

First off, the location is perfect; it's less than a PA city block away from our offices at 9th & Hamilton Streets.

Second, the atmosphere is great. It's something you pick up on as soon as you walk in Bada Bingg. If you're into the gangster motif, then you'll probably be spending a lot of your money here. If you're not a gangster at heart and tend to shun that type of thing, you should know the gangster theme is not over the top or in your face.

As such, I'm sure you will enjoy the music you hear when dining at Bada Bingg - Dean Martin, Frankie Sinatra, Tony Bennett or another well-known crooner from the past. Harry Connick Jr. would certainly not be out of the realm.

Thirdly, Bada Bingg is clean. You can't say that about every place you venture into these days.

The staff is courteous and pleasant every time I go in there. You know, most of the time it's the people that make the place, whether it's a destination, a nightclub, restaurant or whatever. The people at these locations are sometimes the only reason I frequent them.

Restaurants and eateries are a bit different in that the food has to be good. Well, the homemade dishes and gourmet sandwiches at Bada Bingg are fantastic. Everything is made from scratch each day. My favorite lunch sandwich is the Carlito Chicken. If you happen to of Italian descent, and we know all what that means growing up with deliciously prepared home-cooked meals, you won't be disappointed with Bada Bingg.

I highly suggesting making Bada Bingg your destination of choice for lunch.