Last year I took a little hiatus from golf, which made me feel like a bear in hibernation. This year I vow to get back to 2008's track record of over 50 rounds.

Golf for me is a stress reliever. There's nothing like being outdoors, enjoying nature and good company for four to five hours. Now, there are those rounds that are not stress relievers ... you know, the ones where you need a calculator to add up the scorecard? I love competition, so if my game is off I get extremely disgusted, which is why I took lessons before I hit the course for the first time this year.

I decided to throw out some of the old hacking techniques I picked over the years and try a fresh approach with Lehigh Valley golf pro Larry Wise. Larry gives lessons at the beautiful Mulvihill Golf Learning Center at Lehigh University's Goodman campus. I would say that Larry's credentials are more than up to par. He's held numerous positions in the industry, won several tournaments and been a PGA pro since 1964.

Prior to my first lesson with Larry, I had not been to Mulvihill, but I was immediately impressed. The entire place is immaculate! Not only is there a range, sand traps and putting area, Larry has his own secluded lesson area, which helped me relax, rather than having everyone watch as I was taking a lesson. Larry's techniques seemed to make sense. He wasn't too technical, and he tried to embed his lesson into my brain so that when he wasn't with me, I'd remember what he taught me.

Since my first lesson, I have golfed three times on my own and once in a scramble. The "on my own" rounds still need work, which is to be expected, especially after a lesson. The scramble on the other hand made our team winners in the first tournament of the season! I'll definitely be going back to see Larry - I purchased a package of four lessons.

Do you or anyone you know need some lessons?