Currently on tour, Godsmack shook the Valley on Friday night with their long guitar solos, heavy drum beats, and head-banging rhythms.

Kicking off the night was opener Medusa’s Disco. Comprised of four members, this local psychedelic rock band from Lancaster warmed up the crowd. Medusa’s Disco played their most popular hits such as “Painters Painting Paintings,” whose catchy lyrics soon had everyone singing along. They finished within a half hour and the crowd buzzed in anticipation for the main show. 

A Godsmack logo screen rose in front of the stage, hiding the last-minute preparation for the band. Smoke began to roll from underneath and classic rock songs played as the lights flickered. Crowd members’ excitement coursed through the air and the screen finally dropped to reveal the whole band standing on-stage, ready to put on a show. The first strum of an electric guitar burst from the speakers and reverberated throughout the arena. 

Everyone in the audience could feel the adrenaline from Godsmack as they began their first song “Legends Rise” off their newest album. As they finished, the band’s lead singer Sully Erna thanked everyone for coming and promised a night filled with great music.

Their drummer, Shannon Larkin, continued into the next song “1000 HP” without missing a beat. Some began shouting the lyrics alongside the band while others merely closed their eyes and absorbed the booming bass. 

After a few more newer songs, Godsmack launched into one of their most iconic songs, “Voodoo.” The familiar heavy bass beat vibrated in everyone’s chests and the lull of the music had everyone swaying. They continued their set list with other popular hits including “Unforgettable,” “Awake,” and “Something Different.”

Godsmack then slowed down their pace, commemorating their newly established foundation Scars, which raises awareness about mental health issues. They then played their attributed song “Under Your Scars,” written specifically for those lost to suicide.

Other memorable points of the show included a drum-off between Godsmack’s drummer and lead singer as well as the use of fireworks at the end of some songs. They closed out the night with their biggest hit “I Stand Alone” and had every audience member rocking back and forth to the lyrics.

With only two days left of the Musikfest celebrations, be sure to make the most of it! Remaining performances include Phillip Phillips and Brad Paisley as well as the annual fireworks show Sunday evening.