Within each of you is a power, a Cosmic Force, everything bears a relationship to every other thing and to the Infinite Spirit. We are all part of the one great Universal Whole.

Wow, I sound like Shirley Maclaine! Ok, let me begin ... last year we attended the SnowBlast Winter Festival in Emmaus, we had a great time and we purchased a couple of raffle tickets. My husband picked the numbers based on his favorite football team, and the last numbers were jersey numbers of two of his favorite players.

To our surprise we won an overnight stay and dinner at Lehigh Valley's Glasbern Inn in Fogelsville. I have never been there; my husband has eaten there with clients from work and said it is wonderful. A year went by and I completeley forgot about the gift certificate. We luckily remembered and decided to use it for my birthday this year. Now the whole Cosmic Force thingy ... this year's SnowBlast Winter Festival was February 4 and 5, our overnight stay was on February 5, and guess what team played in the Super Bowl on February 6 ... the Pittsburgh Steelers, my husband's favorite team!

Ok, maybe I'm a little crazy, but I think it is a cool connection. Glasbern Inn is an amazingly beautiful inn and we enjoyed it very much. Dinner was scrumptious and the staff very attentive. Much of the Contemporary American cuisine you'll enjoy is raised right there on the farm. Our room was located in the Pack House, old world decorating, Jacuzzi tub and fireplace. I can't say enough about this beautiful inn, you'll just have to experience it for yourself.

Oh, and one more Cosmic Force was that our new Lehigh Valley Map & Guide was delivered on February 5 and on the cover is Glasbern Inn! So, do you believe? What inns or B&Bs have you visited in Lehigh Valley?