For those of you NOT familiar with Steve McDaniel, he’s a great musician who plays around Lehigh Valley. I usually try to see Steve perform when he plays at Five Points Inn in Mount Bethel.  I like to go see him there for two reasons:  1) Five Points is ‘small town’ bar; you can walk in there alone and know that within minutes you’ll see someone to talk to, and 2) it’s not a ‘pricey’ place to spend a night out. So last Friday night, a couple friends and I went to see Steve perform solo at Five Points. As usual, I wasn’t disappointed – by the bar or the performer. He even played several of my favorite songs. I can’t wait to see him again (he’ll be back on April 16).

The other highlight of my weekend was Sunday when some friends and I went to Blue Mountain Ski Area, not to ski or board but to watch their annual pond skimming contest. Each competitor receives two tries to get across the ‘pond’ they build just for the occasion. This was my first time to pond skimming at Blue Mountain, but apparently to shake things up this year, they added a ramp, which seemed to work!

Skiers of every age were attempting the stunt, but it seemed as though less than half actually made it. My friends and I could not help but laugh every time someone ended up in the water. It is even funnier when the contestants are dressed up in costumes and the go for a swim. This year’s costumes ranged from a cow, an alligator, formal wear, a Hawaiian outfit, and I believe I saw someone skim by in a Snuggie.

The highlight of the event for me was the guy who purposely wiped out in the pond, causing a tidal wave to soak the crowd along one side of the pond. I say it was the highlight because I wasn’t standing on that side!

What sort of fun things did you do last weekend?

This post was written by Lehigh Valley InSite guest blogger Rheanna Meehan.