Calling all animal and nature lovers! Have you been to the Lehigh Valley Zoo? This wonderful attraction, located in Schnecksville, Pa. amidst the 1,00 acre Trexler Nature Preserve, is home to all different kinds of animals from "A" to "Z": Alpacas to Zebras.

The Zoo is open year round, and I recently had the chance to make my first visit of the 2015 season. There is literally always something going on at the Zoo. As soon as we walked in there was a handler giving a presentation about an owl. There was also another group of folks that were being escorted and told the story of the Mexican Grey Wolves that are located in the Zoo.

My absolute favorite is the North American River Otters. They weren't out when we visited, but I was just as happy to see the African Penguins. And, I think they were happy to see anybody after the long, cold winter we had in Lehigh Valley. I know the Domestic Goats were extremely pleased with the food we hand fed to them. They really didn't want us to leave!

Here's a short video of the goats, and Caitlin and Lauren feeding them:

And here is another short video highlighting our day.

And, here are some of our pictures from the day:

Did you know you can rent the Zoo out for events? Who wouldn't be the coolest kid on the planet by having a birthday party at the Zoo? You can have a daytime or overnight party where you get to sleep in the Zoo! Or, ever think of getting married at the Zoo? I had a friend who did just that. The idyllic setting offers the most beautiful photo opportunities.

Here is a little video recapping our day ... And even though the animals are tons of fun to see, one of our favorite things is driving through the Ford on the way out: