If you'll remember, I'm a bit of a pool player. And I'd much rather go out, support a local restaurant, and have someone else cook for me. There are many places around Lehigh Valley where people like me who enjoy these two things can go for a night out. One of my favorites is Foulker's at the Blue Ridge in New Tripoli.

I spend most of my time at Foulker's because of their two pool tables, which are typical 7' x 3 1/2' bar table (75 cents a game). What's NOT typical is the balls, cue sticks and linen felt are in great shape compared to most places.

Foulker's has a healthy population of pool shooters ranging from beginners to people you'd expect to see on ESPN, so there's almost always someone around to shoot with. The shooters are friendly enough to be able to put your quarters up (no chalkboard here) and not feel intimated.

Foulker's tip: There is pool league on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm till 11pm, so you may not be able to get on a table during those times.

Because I spend so much time shooting pool at Foulker's, I've eaten a lot of meals there. They just revised their menu, which is typical bar fare but with some country "hotel" offerings. Highlights include their French onion soup, knockwurst and sauerkraut, pulled pork sandwich, cheesesteak, prime rib (on special Thursdays) and boneless wings (on special Wednesdays; try the sweet hotties). The have special menu items every weekend and a small kids menu too. Price-wise, appetizers, sandwiches and desserts are no more than $10, entrees are under $20.

Foulker's tip: They have a smoke-free dining room that's always quieter than the bar and where children are welcome. The dining room is gorgeous hard wood with warm lighting ... it's almost like another place altogether!

I would love to hear your thoughts on Foulker's if you go (or if you've been there before). Maybe I'll see you there.