I've been spending a lot of time at Lehigh Valley International Airport lately, without leaving Lehigh Valley, PA! On June 25th I attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for AirTran's inaugural flight from Allentown to Fort Lauderdale. And last week I greeted players and officials arriving for the U.S. Women's Open.

I have to say, LVIA is the most convenient airport I've ever navigated. Wearing my official U.S. Open uniform and carrying a "Welcome (insert name here)" sign, I breezed through the TSA checkpoint like a frequent flyer. Of course I had slip-off shoes, special clearance papers, and proper ID (diligently checked each time), but even families not familiar with the routine were made to feel welcomed and not rushed at the gate.

Flying into LVIA gives a great first impression for first time visitors too. I know, I spoke with some. The golfers and officials I greeted commented on how beautiful the area looked on approach.

"I didn't know Crayola was here!" and "Peeps are made in Lehigh Valley?" were some of the comments that were prompted by the murals on the walls as I escorted them to the baggage area. One group was so impressed with the beautiful scenery shots they had their picture taken in front of the covered bridge panel!

Next time I go to LVIA, I'll be flying to a wedding in California. But on our return, when the plane touches down at "ABE", I'll be happy to be home ... in my friendly airport!