Memorial Day will always be a day remembered for honoring our fallen veterans, parades and barbecues, but a new tradition is quickly making a name for itself in @visitpa and @lehighvalleypa, free fishing day.

Every Memorial Day and Labor Day, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission allows adults to fish for free, in hopes of catching the fishing bug and become a regular angler. So after several articles in the @mcall and twitter posts by @visitpa, I convinced my two girls to head over to Lehigh County's Trexler Nature Preserve to try our luck at fishing. I picked this location because I knew they could play in the Jordan Creek and visit the @lvzoo if fishing did not hit the mark.

The weather was perfect and the girls ventured into the Jordan as I prepared the fishing poles. The water was warm, probably in the 70 degree range, and the water level was high and moved rapidly, due to several storms this past week. We had a few nibbles from the fish, added some scrapes and cuts and my oldest found a hammock that was just her speed. I am confident 10 years from now the kids will say, "Dad always took us fishing," and may pass it on to their kids, I am sure that is what the Fish and Boat folks had in mind with this promotion. Next, looking forward to one year taking the Sojourn Down The Lehigh River. Side note: Even free fishing has an economic spin off. Dropped $26 at a local bait/tackle shop (rod, worms, hooks, etc.).

Another note: first attempt at mobile blogging. Used my Blogger App on my iPod. Feedback welcome!

Guest post written by Gregg Marzano