Last weekend I went to Brooklyn to see my sister Elizabeth perform in an Off Broadway production of Mel Brook’s "The Producers." I was excited to see her on stage, since she is a theater/education major at Wagner University - and before that, she spent four years in Whitehall High School's theater program.

As I read through the playbill, I realized something: Elizabeth was the only performer that had the opportunity to participate in a high school musical award show. The award show I am referring to is the Freddy Awards. Over the years, she was nominated for her roles in Whitehall's productions of "Over Here" and "Barnum."

According to my cousin, who performed in the Broadway production of "Sugar Babies" and teaches dance, the Freddys are very unique in the world of high school musicals. She was amazed when she saw the opportunity these students had to perform on a stage like the State Theatre.

The Freddys have also created rivalries between schools and has elevated the high school musical scene to the same level as local high school athletics. Every year these student actors put in more time, build bigger sets, and design more creative costumes.

This year marks the 7th year of the Freddy Awards, which are held at State Theatre in Easton, and there are a record 29 local high schools competing. Right now, the schools are in the middle of their performing seasons, which leads up to the Emmy-award-winning award show on May 21st.

Are you familiar with the Freddys?