Last week, Kim and I headed over to Bethlehem to see Foreigner as part of the new Musik @ The Sands concert series.

For starters, Foreigner played most of their old hits. You know, great songs that take you on a trip back in time to a more innocent and carefree time in all our lives? I can still recall walking into the cafeteria in my junior year and hearing the jukebox blare out "Hot Blooded." (Yes, we were allowed to have a jukebox in our "caf"... didn't require money to play it either.) Now that I think about it, "Double Vision" was always being played too. See, high school wasn’t all bad.

Back to the concert …

The playing and singing talents of everyone onstage really came through that night. New singer Kelly Hansen was excellent… sounds just like Lou Gramm, but with the looks and the moves of a young Steven Tyler. Drummer Jason Sutter is steady and expressive. And then there’s MICK, the only remaining original member of Foreigner; Mick hasn’t lost his tremendous ability to write great rock songs as evidenced by some of the new material Foreigner played from their new release Can’t Slow Down, which we purchased at the show.

The band did a really cool thing at this show: proceeds from the sale of their new release were donated to the Liberty High School Choir. The choir actually joined Foreigner onstage for one of their biggest hits, "I Want to Know What Love Is," toward the end of the show. We just happened to be seated behind the parents of one of the choir members. I can only imagine the pride and joy they must’ve felt seeing and hearing their child onstage with Foreigner! I mean, we felt it!

Although it was cold as a meat locker under the tent that acted as the temporary venue for this event, it was a great show. Were you there? What did you think of the new Foreigner lineup and the venue?