I live within a 10 minute drive to one of the best miniature golf places in Lehigh Valley, Putt U. I’d always heard great reviews about them so I decided to check it out myself. My friends were so excited to try out Putt U that they drove 40 minutes just for mini golf, and they were not disappointed.

Devon, Matt, Rheanna and I started off our evening with dinner at Red Robin in the Promenade Shops then headed over to Putt U. They have two full, 18 hole courses; the red course and the blue course. At check-in we asked the young man which course was harder. “Both are challenging, but for different reasons” he said. The red course is more windy, as opposed to the blue course (which we chose to play) that’s seemingly straighter but with more bumps.

I ‘try’ to golf; I have my own clubs, golf attire and have taken lessons, so I thought Putt U would be great practice on my short game. Well it was! I did my best to make par on each whole. At least I was consistent because my score card for the first few, *cough* eight, holes was 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4.

At the one hole, Rheanna had a terrible first swing and she thought it would take five more swings to get the ball in, so jokingly she picked up the ball and lightly tossed it towards the hole. Well sure enough it went right in the hole, so we all agreed she could write a ‘2’ for the amount of swings on that one because the probability of her doing it again was slim and it was awesome.

Final score, Matt came in first (we found out he had been practicing his putting on Playstation 3 before coming) and I came in last but Devon only beat me by one point!

Have you been Putt U yet this season?