For most of you reading this, 13 years of age is a small speck in the proverbial rear view mirror. For the kids performing "13", the musical at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts, it's as clear as the passenger in their back seat. Wait. That's probably not a good analogy since most of the cast aren't old enough to drive!

The plot of this modern day yet timeless musical flooded me with memories of my own early teens. We've all lived through the awkwardness of maturing...physically and emotionally so it's really entertaining to see it portrayed so humorously on stage.

Each cast member played their roles with the utmost believability - the new kid from out of state, the outcast, the cool kid and his followers, the good girl, the bad girl - so much so that if I run into Mckenzie Custin, who played "Lucy" (the conniving, bad girl), I may just glare at her in disapproval. No offense intended, Mckenzie...actually it's a compliment!

This is the second musical I've attended at Lehigh Valley Performing Arts School. Unlike most of the audience cramming the theater on opening night I didn't know a single performer. But I really enjoyed hanging around after the show to watch the cast interact with each other; I wanted to get a glimpse of what they might really be like. I also plunked down a buck and bought the poster which the cast members were happy to autograph (pictured). Who may be worth something on eBay some day!

What do you remember most about being 13?

(By the way, here's the info on the show if you want to go relive your teen years for yourself. It runs through Sunday.)