Instagram has taken off. Foursquare has taken off. And people love to eat. So why is it that more people don't know about Foodspotting? It's a simple concept really: (1) Go out to eat. (2) Order something tasty. (3) Take a picture of your meal. (4) Share it with the world on Foodspotting. Simple enough.

To me it sure seems a lot easier when eating out at a restaurant to take a picture of your food, than it does to spend minutes trying to figure out the calorie count. That aside, you can earn titles and badges on foodspotting, thus it is more akin to foursquare. If you eat a lot of sandwiches you can become a sandwich expert. If you eat a lot of salads, a salad expert.

You can also earn badges by following guides. On Foodspotting, a guide is just a list of foods and the places you can get them. Simply eat and take photos of five items on any one guide and you get a badge of honor.

So why am I writing this in a Lehigh Valley blog? Because, the foodspotting app, as well as the website, allows you to peruse food pictures by location. So if you're hungry and standing on the corner of 9th and Hamilton outside of our office, you can actually look at menu items from Bada Bingg, Deli Plaza 2, Bay Leaf or The Allentown Brew Works. It does make lunch time a little more fun. It also helps you to decide what looks good.

I'm on Foodspotting, Discover Lehigh Valley is on Foodspotting, why aren't you?

the Soprano @ Bada Bingg