Having finished Thomas Pynchon’s psychedelic novel Inherent Vice a few weeks ago, I was about ready for my next brief sojourn into 60's California surf culture. Plus, I was hungry. Naturally, I choose the Lehigh Valley’s own Cali Burrito in Allentown on Hamilton Boulevard. If you’re craving a terrific taco, burrito, or quesadilla and/or a west coast beach atmosphere, look no further -- this is nirvana.

The food is obviously the main draw. My personal favorite dish is The Santa Barbara, though my mom swears by The San Diego (fish tacos). Plus, each order is complemented by their seasoned chips and freshly made salsa. In addition to the standard mild (for weaklings like myself) and spicy varieties, each week they rotate in a cool new flavor, so you’ll need to check back in on a regular basis. For example, this week’s is “Peppery Fiesta.”

Though I’d gladly eat a Cali Burrito meal in a rundown shack, the restaurant itself has a nice, laid-back vibe that’s worth checking out, too (however, takeout is available if you don’t have time to chill out). The walls are adorned with neat surfing event posters, bamboo rods line the counter, there’s a “Hippie Haircut Fund” tips jar, and the playlist is reggae heavy. It’s the perfect summer hangout; it’s borderline groovy. Top that off with its close proximity to Dorney Park & Wild Water Kingdom, and you’ve got no reason not to give it a shot.