Just after the last snowfall of the 2015 winter season, and just before it quickly melted away with warmer temperatures, we visited Flint Hill Farm Educational Center on Flint Hill Road in Coopersburg.

Flint Hill Farm is a preserved farm located on a 28-acres in Lehigh County, PA. The farm dates back to about 1850. It was the home to farmer families Cicon and Hassick until Kathleen Fields purchased it in 1997. The working farm offers 6 acres of wooded paths, 20 acres of pastures for our sheep, goats, and cows and assorted gardens planted with herbs, flowers and vegetables.

The farm also has a Certified Raw milk dairy that provides goat and cow milk for sale as well as use in artisan cheese, fresh butter, and yogurt.

One of the fun aspects of the farm is that families can stay there to feel what it's like to live on a farm. Farm Stays allow families to experience life “on the farm” together one day at a time.  Families, knowing as  “visiting farmers,” collect their own eggs for breakfast, help milk the cows and goats, assist with the feeding and handling of the horses, sheep, chickens, pigs and goats to their level of comfort.

The farm also accepts school groups for educational sessions and participates in outreach programs.

Cheese at Flint Hill Farm