Exactly, one month and one day ago, on September 23rd, the autumnal equinox occurred, ushering in the first day of fall. And, there are only 58 days remaining in fall before the winter solstice ushers in winter on December 21st.  Without discussing the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah or the last shopping weekend before Christmas, let's look at a few Lehigh Valley seasonal musts!

Wait ... is it autumn or fall? It doesn't matter anymore, and the know-it-all would say, that it is harvest, because that's what it was called before it was called autumn or fall. So for this post, let's just agree to disagree, because I don't consistently call it the same thing in my own speech!

Football FrenzyFootball

Whether it's High School or Collegiate, we have some very talented athletes on our local gridirons. This is a classic Lehigh Valley tradition that has been defining fall Friday nights and autumn Saturday afternoons from Nazareth to Center Valley, Easton to Kutztown and everywhere in between.

Booze, Responsibly

The season between summer and winter is also the perfect time to enjoy all of the local expertise along the Lehigh Valley Wine and Lehigh Valley Ale Trails, respectively. Not only are you guaranteed to find something to please your palate, you could find something for those in your "hard to shop for" category.

Covered-Bridge-Shot-(sm)Bridges, Covered

Home to seven of the approximately 200 covered bridges still standing in Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour is approximately 50 miles long and is a thing of beauty as the leaves turn, although that beauty can also be seen through the white veil of snow. (Download a copy of the Covered Bridge Tour on the Discover Lehigh Valley Free Brochures page.)

Shopping Thrifty

With more than 10 Main Streets and their scenic walking routes and locally owned store fronts, in addition to the many malls and out-of-this-world outlets, you're bound to find something somewhere within your price range. (I apologize, that alliteration was a little much.) Anyway, the super sales that happen between the end of summer and beginning of winter are such that you won't want to miss out.

Leesport-Farmers-Market-(sm)Markets, Farmers

The end of the Harvest also means an end to the outdoor Farmer's Markets season and between Allentown, Easton, Leesport, Kutztown and Hellertown, to name a few, there is bound to be one near you. Whether, it's apples or pumpkins, jams or pies, corn or squash, you'll find it farm fresh and ready for your table!

So there you are, Five Seasonal Lehigh Valley Traditions. What are you doing this season and what do you call it? Fall? Autumn? Harvest?