It was a sad day when the Chi-Chi's by the Lehigh Valley Mall closed. That was the only Mexican restaurant in Lehigh Valley where I actually liked the fresh-made salsa, chunks and all (normally, I can't stand tomatoes, onions or peppers).

It was a happy day when I discovered Fiesta Olé in Emmaus and their fantastic salsa, which was curiously similar to Chi-Chi's. I bet Chi-Chi's got the recipe from Fiesta Olé, cause this place is the real deal.

Between the decor and the music, I've never been in such an authentic-feeling Mexican restaurant. Therefore, I was in the mood for a margarita - strawberry, of course. When it arrived and I took my first sip, I was shocked to find it contained real strawberries. That was a first ... and I liked it!

Thankfully a staff person brought us some of that yummy salsa and chips (free with all lunches and dinners) to munch on while we perused the menu, searched for our waiter so we could place our order, and then waited for our food to arrive.

Due to my picky eating habits, I've found that fajitas are my best bet at a Mexican restaurant cause I can put what I want in the tortilla, but I got the carne asada instead. The steak was OK, but the refried beans and rice that came with it were better.

Kent really liked his enchiladas verdes (three chicken enchiladas topped with cheese and green sauce). Curtis enjoyed his tortilla soup and tacos de carne asada. And I savored every bite of my sopapillas, which are like Mexican donuts that you dip in chocolate sauce.

Anyone else out there a fan of Mexican cuisine in Lehigh Valley?