Following the success of 2019’s inaugural Festival UnBound, Touchstone Theatre is back for round two - albeit, with a slightly different approach. Festival UnBound, a series of events for and by the Lehigh Valley community, returns for the fall of 2020 with a slew of new and diverse performances and community gatherings, fully embracing the changes 2020 has ushered in.

This year’s Festival makes it even easier to catch every event - with eight events, spanning through September and October - and gives you a chance to safely enjoy what you’ve been missing out on lately, like live music and theatre. All events take place outdoors, with most presented in the Touchstone parking lot and many with accompanying livestream digital options. Hand sanitizer and PPE will be provided for in-person audiences, with social distancing and mask-wearing enforced for all attendees.

How to attend?

For the six free events, we encourage you to call Touchstone to reserve a table. Instead of reserving individual seats, we are reserving 2-person or 4-person tables - that way guests can safely enjoy the event with the folks they arrived with. Call Touchstone at 610-867-1689 to reserve. For the two ticketed events, call or purchase online here. Feeling spontaneous? Show up the night of the event, and try your luck. Chances are there will be spots left. Please note: reservations are strongly encouraged for Rumi/Nation, as audience spots are limited to 20.

What to expect when you arrive?

Lots of friendly Touchstone faces wearing Festival UnBound t-shirts and masks, ready to help. Most of these events are in the Touchstone Theatre parking lot and there will be tables and chairs set up 6’+ apart. Once seated at a table, masks may be removed, but do need to be replaced again for getting up from the table. Most events will have food and drink to purchase, so double check the website and arrive hungry!

Not ready to attend in person yet?

All good! Many events have a digital option, which will be accessible by a link posted on Touchstone’s website the day of.

What if it rains?

Postponements due to rain will be announced by 2pm day of the event. Check Touchstone’s website and social media pages to make sure before heading over!  In general, rain dates are the following night at the same time.

What’s happening this year?

All events are located at Touchstone Theatre Parking Lot, 321 E. Fourth St., Bethlehem, PA 18015. Here's what's happening this year:

  • LATINX BLOCK PARTY (September 4, 7:00 p.m.; Rain dates September 5 & 6)
    Tickets: FREE! Donations welcome.
    An evening of food, live music by Héctor Rosado Latin Jazz Experience, and celebration of local Latinx culture. 
  • MEDICAL WORKERS SPEAK OUT (September 12, 7:00 p.m.; Rain date September 13)
    Tickets: FREE! Donations welcome. 
    Come take a listen to what some of our local medical workers have to say about their experience working at the front lines of COVID-19 - tales of trauma, triumph, and compassion, from the healers in our community. 
  • RUMI/NATION (September 18 & 19, 6:00 p.m.; Rain date September 20)
    Tickets: FREE! Donations welcome. | Starting Point is at Touchstone Theatre
    A site-specific, walking, audio tour taking you into a world within our own, and allowing you to reflect on how you interact with and benefit from natural cycles of change. 
  • SUSTAINABILITY FORUM (Saturday, September 19; 6:00 p.m.; Rain date September 20)
    Tickets: FREE! Donations welcome.
    Local students reflect on the massive changes in our world and take their plans for change to the steps of City Hall to make their voices heard. 
  • ALOUD (September 26, 8:00 p.m.; Rain date September 27)
    Tickets: FREE! Donations welcome.
    An exploration of queer identity, self-discovery, and finding a way out of the bonds that hold us back, featuring work created and performed by LGBTQIA+ youth and a Q+A session with the artist and partner organization, HiTOPS. 
  • HOMECOMING (October 2, 7:00 p.m.; Rain dates October 3)
    Tickets: FREE! Donations welcome.
    A continuation of last year’s celebration of the history, struggles, and successes in the Black community of the Lehigh Valley, recognizing exceptional talent, drive and leadership. We claim space and call for justice, recognizing that our history informs the present. 
  • TALES OF HOPE AND RESISTANCE (Friday, October 9, 8:00 p.m.; Rain dates October 10 & 11)
    Tickets: 4-top table $40 | 2-top $30
    In collaboration with Mock Turtle Marionette Theater, Touchstone presents retellings of traditional stories from diverse cultures, featuring music and puppetry, looking to the wisdom of the past to remind us that we are capable of overcoming adversity, now and always. 
  • DICTATORS 4 DUMMIES...AND MORE! (Friday, October 16, 7:00 p.m.; Rain dates Saturday, October 17 & 18)
    Tickets: 4-top table $40 | 2-top $30
    Featuring concert renditions of songs from past Touchstone political satires, as well as the premiere of a new iteration of Christopher Shorr's 2018 original musical "Dictators 4 Dummies" (now a MOVIE, featuring voices of the original cast, and... dolls. Lots of dolls!) 

For more information about Festival UnBound, including a full listing of events, click here. Here’s a wrap up video from last year’s 10-day festival and here’s a new song and music video created this summer.