Every year since I was little, my family and I have enjoyed going to Countryside, a little mom and pop kind of restaurant in Emmaus. Our standard meal includes hot dogs with kraut, bar-b-que and ice cream, which we love to eat outside at the picnic tables because the view of the Valley from that spot is amazing!

Last night we decided to head there for dinner and were bummed to find that it’s no longer in business. I wonder what’s going to replace it? Hopefully another restaurant, because it has to be one of my favorite views of the Valley that’s perfect to be shared over dinner.

As I was standing there in the parking lot at Countryside looking out over the Valley, I realized just how much I was going to miss this place. You see, I've recently decided that it's time for me to move on to new things like buying a house, moving in with my fiancé and planning my wedding, so this will be my last post for Lehigh Valley InSite.

I hope you will experience as many memories as I have in Lehigh Valley and share them with others!