Last weekend my wife and I paid a long overdue visit to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Located just northwest of Lehigh Valley, Hawk Mountain is the site of the area's annual hawk watch. This year, Hawk Mountain is also celebrating 75 years of raptor conservation. 

The photo shows the view from the south lookout at about 1,300 feet, the lowest of the lookouts in all of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. While it was still early for fall foliage when we were there, you can get a sense from the picture how grand the view must be when fall's colors are at their peak, which is coming soon so don't wait.

Hawk Mountain is part of the Kittatinny Ridge, encompassing 2,600 acres of the sanctuary itself and 13,000 acres of private and public lands. It is one of the largest protected tracts of contiguous forest land in southeastern Pennsylvania, and it is right in Lehigh Valley's backyard. 

There are many opportunities for education programs on site at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary as well as numerous self-guided trails. I suggest wearing good hiking boots and layers - it's significantly cooler up there.  

When were you last at Hawk Mountain?