From time to time I hear people ask, “What’s a good holiday attraction here in Lehigh Valley?” Now there are so many answers, but here’s one to start you off.

This year I attended Lights in the Parkway with my roommate and another friend. We bundled up for this adventure (as if cars don’t come with a built in heating system). We even considered bringing hot chocolate but we didn’t have any at home and we didn’t stop because we wanted to beat the traffic. You laugh, but this is a very popular attraction, one can idle for a good hour in anticipation of this light show.

Anyway, Lights in the Parkway runs from the end of November (around Thanksgiving) until New Year’s Day. The cost is reasonable, this year it was $10 per car or $6 in advance. We didn’t get our ticket in advance but my thrifty friend did have a coupon making our admission $8. In case you’ve never heard of this delightful holiday attraction, it’s located in Lehigh Parkway, the entrance is located on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Allentown. Let me tell ya folks, not only is Lehigh Parkway a gorgeous park and recreation area in summertime for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s also a great place to take a horse and carriage ride in the winter, during Lights in the Parkway of course.

These perfectly assembled displays of exterior illumination are a sight that people of all ages can enjoy. The ice skating polar bear who falls on his bum and the display of Santa always take me back to my childhood where I’m smiling with glee in the backseat. Suddenly my smile fades only to realize I am in fact still an adult sitting in a car with others, hoping that no has seen me in the rear-view mirror. There’s even a reindeer display and we actually saw our own real life eight point buck as we were leaving! True story, this beautiful, yet possibly lost creature stopped traffic for a few minutes as we all stared, waiting to be sure he didn’t run.

I can’t promise that if you visit you’ll see Rudolph, but you can get into the holiday spirit on this drive; afterwards you can visit the Gift Barn.

When’s the last time you went to Lights in the Parkway?