The 66th Annual Kutztown Folk Festival is almost upon us.

It's nine days of celebrating Pennsylvania Dutch culture with crafts, entertainment and, of course, food. And it also happens to be America's Oldest Folklife Festival!

In honor of the 66th year of this Lehigh Valley tradition, here are the six sections of the Festival you have to experience for yourself.

1) Food

When it comes to fairs & festivals food is an inevitable part of the experience. Yes, you can find your standard fare of funnel cakes, fries, etc. at the Kutztown Folk Festival, but it's the Pennsylvania Dutch standards that are a must. Pot pie, corn fritters, shoo-fly pie, freshly baked bread, and even a full-course all-you-can-eat Pennsylvania Dutch family-style dinner are all things to enjoy!

2) Crafts

Featuring over 200 craftsman and folk artists, Kutztown Folk Festival has something for every collection. You'll find a wide array of finished products, from Weaving and woodcarving to stained glass and pottery. And those Hex signs are just classic Kutztown Folk Festival.

3) Quilts

One of the must-see attractions at the Kutztown Folk Festival year after year after year is the World-Famous Quilt Barn! This fan-favorite features over 2,500 traditional quilts and other pieces that are all handmade. And if you're interested in getting your hands into action, there is also a fully stocked quilt store to get you started.

4) Kids Fun

The Children's Farmyard Theater presents puppet shows, sing-alongs, story time, and much more. There's also the Children's Petting Zoo and a train called the Hex Express pulled by a tractor. Kids of any age are sure to discover some new foods to enjoy... (Even if they're a picky eater.)

5) Entertainment

The kids don't get to have all the fun! Continuous entertainment takes place on five stages every day, plus a cake walk, square dancing, and a strolling Sauerkraut Band! There's also "impromptu" brass bands, the Lester Miller Family Dancers, the last remaining active horse-powered carousel in the country, and a Folk Festival Fourth of July parade a.k.a. "The Hokiest Parade in America."

6) Find something new

Every year something new comes to the Kutztown Folk Festival. This year there are two fantastic new things to do. First up is the Festival Wine Tour which entails various wineries spread out throughout the Festival grounds. You'll also find a blacksmith shop run by the National Museum of Industrial History.

If attending the Kutztown Folk Festival isn't already one of your family traditions, make 2015 the first of many visits. With so much to do and even more to eat, the whole family will have a lasting memory that you'll want to revisit year after year.