After a recent glass art class at the Banana Factory, I took myself on a tour of the facility since it was my first time there.

Obviously there were glass works on display right outside the GlassWorks studio. In fact, there were paintings, pottery and photographs from many resident artists on display throughout the Banana Factory.

I passed several classrooms, ranging from dance to ceramics to digital photography. I even caught a glimpse of some future Michelangelos working with paper mache.

In the Crayola Gallery, there was (and still is, until mid-April) a glass exhibit by Susan Ward. It surprised me that her large bowls and wall plates were made of glass rather than clay. Shows how much I know about art!

In the Hallway of the Arts, I found a spectacular photography exhibit by Stephan Matier called "Through Irish Eyes" - photos of the Nationalist and Unionist political murals in Northern Ireland.

I really enjoyed the photography exhibit on display in the Banko Gallery, "Back to Lowndes County". This powerful exhibit was done by Easton resident Estizer Smith, who returned to her childhood home to connect with her recently deceased parents, who helped to advance civil rights in the racially violent Lowndes County, Alabama in the late 1960s. Unfortunately, this exhibit has ended and a new one is moving in as I write this, but you can still read Estizer's story and see some of her photos online.

But my favorite thing at the Banana Factory was the Gallery Shoppe, with all sorts of cool art from paintings to martini glasses to photography to jewelry to wild 3D clocks to the new Musikfest poster.

Have you been to the Banana Factory?