One of my New Year's resolutions, like so many other people, is to eat healthy and exercise. My problem is that I love to eat out, and way too often I go to places where the bad (but tastes so good) stuff looks so much better than the good (healthy) stuff.

Luckily, Cali Burrito in Allentown is the exception to this rule. Here's why this place is good for my new diet ...


  1. Everything is customizable - hold the guacamole!
  2. I can order a burrito in a bowl instead of a tortilla - less carbs!
  3. They use as many organic ingredients as possible - less chemicals!
  4. They use 0 gm. transfat vegetable frying oil - healthier than other oils!
  5. They always have fresh salsa, including a salsa of the week - not many calories!
  6. The California-style atmosphere is relaxing - I feel comfortable to sit there and eat slowly!
  7. Best of all, I feel satisfied because I'm eating out and I'm not tempted by greasy burgers!


Eating out?  Check. Eating healthy? Check. Exercising? Tried yoga for the first time last night ... I'm workin on it.

Have you started working toward your New Year's resolution yet?