Every year, hoards of Philadelphia Eagles fans from throughout Lehigh Valley flock to Lehigh University for Eagles Training Camp. Even though I'm more of a college football fan (specifically Penn State football), I still enjoy watching the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, so I went to check it out.

It was HOT. I haven't sweat that much since ... I don't know when. I can't see how these fans can stand it, sitting in the blazing sun with no shade in sight watching football players practice for hours at a time. I could understand if it was a real game, but this is just practice! I guess that's what makes them die-hard fans.

In terms of performance, I couldn't tell you if the Eagles looked good or not. Here, you decide:


I can tell you this is the closest I've ever been, and probably ever will be, to someone as famous as Donovan McNabb or Andy Reed without paying an insane amount of money (training camp is free for the public to attend). Thanks to my nifty zoom on my camera, I have photos that make it look like I was actually on the field instead of in the bleachers!

As I left training camp for the day, hoping I didn't smell too bad after baking in the sun for all those hours, I browsed the Eagles swag for sale in the merchandise tent, which you conveniently have to walk through to exit the practice facility. Instead of buying something, I decided that my autographs from Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb and Eagles mascot Swoop would have to serve as my reminder of my first experience at Eagles Training Camp.

Have you been to see the Eagles practice? They'll be there till next Tuesday.