Anyone who knows me knows how much I love fine dining. Eating is life, right? I don't often have the moola to eat such fancy dinners so I rely on special occasions. Just such an event took place recently when my boyfriend's brother from Maine came to the region for a visit.

We elected to take him and their parents to River Grille on Northampton Street in downtown Easton for dinner. I've been to River Grille several times before and know it to be a cool place with good food, so I was looking forward to our dinner out.

Much to my delight, our dinner was another great experience. I started with the tuna tartare appetizer, which featured a generous mound of raw tuna chopped into small pieces. The accompanying sauces gave it great flavor. My entree was the scallops over risotto with sauteed spinach. The scallops were large but tender and sweet. The meal was filling so we skipped dessert in favor of coffee mixed which Irish cream liquor.

The only disappointing part of the night was how dead the restaurant was for a Thursday night. We were one of only five other tables in the entire place plus a few bar patrons. Perhaps this is a sign of the economy - fewer people eating out at upscale restaurants. I hope it doesn't last for long.

Oh, and I'm loving the PA smoking ban Downtown Easton has many upscale restaurants. I'm curious to know, which are you favorites?