Last Friday night my son, Jared, and I had the V.I.P. treatment at the Preview Night event for Dorney Park's Halloween Haunt.

The party started at 5:30 p.m. We checked in at the "court" where we had our pictures taken and were promptly summoned by the judge, who sentenced me to death for being shorter than my son! 

We then stood in line for our "last bread and water" dinner ... NOT! Dinner was a full smorgasbord that included shrimp cocktail, crab claws, salmon, pasta, pork, turkey, lamb chops, salads, and so much more. There were multiple pastries to choose from for dessert, but the life-size Frankenstein cake really took, uh, the cake.

Did I mention that during dinner we were ambushed by mental ward patients? This was to psych us up for the main part of the Halloween Haunt's grand opening of its newest attraction, The Asylum.

After dinner, we were led along the fog-covered walkway to The Asylum. Jared and I happened to be the first ones to venture in. There were some great special effects. Some made us laugh and others gave us a scare.

As soon as we made it through The Asylum, we were off to find another haunted attraction, which wasn't hard since Dorney Park has 13 of them this year for the Halloween Haunt. We ended up at Camp Backwoods, another new addition this year. With creepy camp counselors and a chain saw dude, I did let out a scream or two.

Of course we couldn't leave Dorney Park without doing some of the rides. We hit my son's three favorites: Steel Force, Hydra and Talon. That was plenty for me! I think my head is still spinning from Talon. 

Now through the end of the Halloween Haunt (November 1) is definitely my favorite time of the year to visit Dorney. One of the benefits is not having to wait in long lines.

What do you think of this year's Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park?