It was a rainy, windy day in Lehigh Valley and I was wondering how wet I'd have to get to go out and get lunch. My options were open, and time wasn't an issue, but an umbrella won't help with sideways rain. So, when the rain died down, I walked over to The Noshery...

The place was bright and open. Very welcoming and I say that having been there on a gloomy weather day. Looking over the menu for my first visit, I decided to go with a favorite of mine; Corned Beef. To be precise I ordered the Corned Beef Special. The staff was very kind and in a very short time, I had my lunch. Braving the rain, back to the office I went, where I opened and gazed upon my sandwich, salad and two pickle spears. I took a picture to share with you folks and dove in.

The house salad had an oil and vinegar dressing, that had a wonderful Mediterranean spice to it. The sandwich was perfect. A great ratio of corned beef to slaw to dressing, not too much of any one, just enough for all three to compliment each other.

This was my first venture to The Noshery, on a cold rainy day. But in my mouth it was paradise and by far this would not be my last visit.

What's your favorite sandwich spot in Lehigh Valley?