Football fans in this area are in a frenzy over the Eagles, who are in the hunt for a playoff spot, and Penn State, who is vying for a shot to play for the National Championship. Oh, yeah, and the Phillies are about to bring the first Championship to Philadelphia in 25 years if they can wrap up the World Series tonight.

With sports on the brain, I'd like to shed some light on a non-traditional sport that Lehigh Valley offers: disc golf.

Disc golf can be played all year round, but this is my favorite time to play. The temperature is just right: the bugs are gone and the vegetation that swallows up most of my discs has died off for the year.

Lehigh Valley is home to seven disc golf courses. The courses are usually located in parks, and even DeSales University has a course. Of the seven courses located in the Valley, I have played four.

1. Jordan Park is one of the oldest courses in the country; from what I've heard, it's either the second or third course ever built. Jordan is my favorite to play and the one I've played the most. It is a wooded course that has many elevation changes and the Jordan Creek comes into play on many of the holes. The crew that I play with there has intense matches; we usually wager the title to our cars or that week’s pay.

2. South Mountain is more heavily wooded than Jordan. It also has elevation changes, which I guess makes sense since it has mountain in the name. It's short in distance, but you need to be very accurate to score well. South Mountain is also home to the very popular Ice Bowl, which takes place in January.

3.For the beginner, Wehr’s Dam in South Whitehall is a perfect course. Wehr’s is a short course. The majority of the holes are in wooded areas, but there are a few wide open holes that you can really let it rip. For you aces out there, this is a birdie haven and a lot of fun.

4. Little Lehigh Parkway in Allentown hosted the final round of 2005 World Disc Golf Championship. That alone should say enough about the caliber of this course. It has the least amount of wooded holes, but is the longest. It also has elevation changes and the Little Lehigh River comes into play. After playing this course, my arm is usually hanging.

For more information about disc golf like local tourneys and course information, check out Lehigh Valley Disc Golf.