Last week, a few of us from Discover Lehigh Valley got a chance to tour the newest exhibit at Dorney Park: Dinosaurs Alive! I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but no matter how ready I was, I still think it would have totally blown my mind when I saw these dinosaurs up close.

The entrance reminded me of a scene from Jurassic Park, with the entrance gated off right next to their iconic roller coaster, Steel Force. Dinosaurs Alive! consists of 30 life-size dinosaurs, each of which has information listed detailing where they came from and fun facts about their diet and habitat. Some of the stations even had interactive outlines of the dinosaur complete with buttons that would move the corresponding body part, depending on what you pushed.

The little kids were going nuts when they saw all their favorite dinosaurs up close and in person. Ok, it wasn’t just the little kids, it was the adults too (myself included). I think my favorite part was the 30+ foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex that would move its head and roar as unassuming visitors walked by. Check out this short video of some of the dinosaurs you’ll find when you visit: [youtube][/youtube]

We also got to ride Stinger, the newest roller coaster addition at Dorney, but I’ll leave that for another post.

Dinosaurs Alive! is only accessible once you’re already in Dorney Park, and the admission is an extra $5. I know what you’re thinking; they should make it free. But once you see it in person, you’ll understand that an extra $5 goes a long way in terms of the entertainment and awe-factor you’ll receive. It is a one-of-a-kind exhibit that would be great for any young mind, especially if you’re on a science or history field trip. There's even a "Dino Dig Site" where kids can dig through the sand and look for fossils and artifacts.

Are you planning on going to Dorney this year? If so, make sure you look for me ... I plan on getting the most out of my season pass!