The Granchio Jumbo Lump Crab Cake with Lemon Garnish may well be the single most delicious thing I have ever eaten. I partook in this culinary delight at Melt, one of the premiere restaurants at Lehigh Valley’s Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley. The best part? It was only the appetizer.

In addition to the delicious food, the atmosphere is equally impressive. Their website describes it as “warm” and “soothing,” and they actually deliver on that with soft lighting and subtly striking decor. They have this really cool chandelier (pictured), and these neat luminous vases flanking the granite staircase. I wish I could have explored the place a bit more, just to find out what other sights there were to be seen. Oh, and the bathrooms are amazing. If you go to Melt, do not miss the bathrooms. I’ll just leave it at that.

A tangential benefit to eating at Melt is that, once you finish your (surely excellent) dessert -- I recommend the tiramisu -- you’ll find yourself in the middle of the Promenade Shops. I went with my girlfriend and we made an evening out it, catching a movie at Rave and stopping in Barnes & Noble.

Now I have to ask you for a favor. As a lowly intern, I probably won’t have the cash to return to Melt any time soon. So, please, go there for me and then remind me what it is like. Thanks!