Today I was hoping to take my friend Megan out for her birthday to the Martinis and Manicures event the Allentown Brew Works has every month, but when I went to sign up last week, they were already sold out! Now I have to come up with another idea.

When all else fails, dinner is always good. I haven't been to Melt in a long time, and I remember the decor being cool and the food being pretty good too. Plus it's in a prime location for shopping, which we both love to do too.

I predict that she'll love the shopping idea but she's a picky eater so Melt might be a little too gourmet for her. I bet she will opt for something simpler like Cosi or The Pita Pit. Come to think of it, I could really go for a S'mores dessert at Cosi. They bring a S'mores-making kit to your table with a little flame, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate - it's delicious! Either way, it's her birthday so she gets to ultimately decide.

I'm still open to any other suggestions if you have any.