Last month, to celebrate Don's birthday, his sister and brother-in-law decided to take the two of us out to dinner which just meant I got to share his gift! If asked, I'd have a tough time deciding which Lehigh Valley restaurant to recommend...we have so many favorites...but it really wasn't up to me anyway. Since they live in Cranberry, NJ (near Princeton) we decided to meet half-way. Luckily for us half-way turned out to be the Golden Pheasant Inn on the Delaware.

Although there are back road short cuts we could have taken, we drove to Easton and took Rt. 611 South/River Road. It is such a scenic drive, making getting there part of the fun of going to a "destination restaurant".

Don and I had both eaten there before but while sipping wine waiting for Joan & George we realized that I was last there in 1979 and it was around 1974 for him. My first thought was "Wow...this place has been open for a really long time!" My second thought was "Wow...I must be getting old!" Our server wisely suggested we not wait another 30 years before returning.

There's a reason this restaurant has been open so long. It is really good. The building dates back to 1857 but we decided to dine in the bright newer addition with views of the old canal. Another guest had ordered the escargot and the aroma made it a "must have" for my appetizer selection. For my entree I chose the rack of lamb, something I wouldn't just whip up at home. Although I didn't finish that, I couldn't resist ordering desert when I heard they served Goodnoe's ice cream, a favorite of mine back in high school.

Barb Faure, the owner, stopped at our table to chat so we all had the chance to compliment her and the chef on our meals. Next time we go to the Golden Pheasant, I'll have to book one of their guest rooms so we can sample their breakfast or brunch as well.

What's your favorite "destination restaurant"?