As Halloween gets closer, there are two things that are "must do's" for the season:

  1. Watch "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"
  2. Watch the cult classic "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (Yes, I understand the two are at opposite ends of the spectrum - don't judge me.)

My girlfriend and I love the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" movie, so when we saw that Allentown's Civic Theatre would be performing "The Rocky Horror Show" the entire month of October, I contacted them immediately for tickets.

Once we arrived at Civic Theatre, we bought our bag of props. Yes, props! All true Rocky Horror lovers should know that it's not a performance without props (a newspaper, a bell, a flash light, etc.) and a little audience participation. You can't bring outside props into the theatre, which is understandable since the inside of Civic Theatre is gorgeous and they'd like to keep it that way.

Once the show started I wore a smile on my face the entire time. I got so drawn in by the singing, dancing and wonderful stage decoration that by the second act I forgot about my props. The actors did the "Time Warp" dance in the aisles. The crowd wasn't as rowdy as they could've been. I only saw two people stand up and do the "Time Warp" with the actors. *hangs head* I was not one of them.

One of the best performances was by Frank N. Furter (Joshua Neth); everyone knows that Frank is fabulous and to play Frank you must be fabulous. My girlfriend said she was jealous of the one actor's ability to walk in heels, probably because he did it better than her. My favorite performance, above all the rest, even Frank, was Magenta (Laura Romano). Her facial expressions, commentary, even the way she walked was hilarious.

If you haven't already, you still have plenty of chances to go see "The Rocky Horror Show" at Civic Theatre. Go on, time warp your way over there and watch the show.

Are you a Rocky Horror aficionado? Will you go see it performed live at Civic Theatre?

Note: This production contains mature themes and sexual content – you should think of it as an R-rated movie.