I opened an envelope the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find my first holiday gift of the season! It was such a cool gift, I wanted to share the idea right away: I received two tickets to attend Becky's Drive In for the upcoming 2009 season. How fun is that?

I love seeing movies at Becky's. I'm signed up to receive their e-newsletters and just received info on how I can get advanced tickets and gift certificates for my friends and family. (There's no way I'm giving up mine.)

Apparently you can purchase adult admission for $7 each, children admission for $3 each, or gift certificates in $10 and $25 denominations, which you can use for admission and in the refreshment stand.

They have lots of other souvenirs listed on their web site. If you want to receive them in time for your gift-giving-holiday-of-choice, just call Cindy at 610-762-1679 to order with your credit card. Just be conscious about what time you're calling ... that's her cell phone number!

Oh, and you can also vote for what movies you'd like to see next season at Becky's on their site. What did you pick?