I have a guilty pleasure – I just can't get enough of Daniel Tosh's comedy act. The first time I saw him perform standup was in New York four years ago and I've never laughed so hard in my life. Last week, I had an opportunity to watch him perform at the State Theatre Center for the Arts in Easton. I expected a great show and he didn't disappoint.

After two pretty good opening acts, Tosh nonchalantly walked onto stage to a chorus of thunderous applause.  Nothing was sacred during Tosh's set. Religion, race, sex, politics, New Orleans, Ben Roethlisberger, even the font used on the "exit" signs inside the State Theatre were all fair game. And the crowd ate it all up – every last offensive morsel. He was brilliant.

Taken out of context, his jokes might seem extreme, but according to Tosh, he's not all bad. After all, he does have a foundation.

"Yes, I have a charity," said Tosh. "It's called Febrezing the homeless. … What I do, I go around and Febreze homeless people. Who are you giving a dollar to, the guy who smells like liquid garbage or Ocean Breeze?"

This joke, one of the few I can even remotely type in this blog, is typical Tosh. He calmly reels in the audience with rational statements before hitting them over the head with cutting and hilarious punch lines. The State Theatre patrons approved. Every single joke in his set was met with roars of laughter.

I have to say – The State Theatre is a great place to watch comedy. It's big, but cozy, and there isn't a bad seat in the house. "This is pretty," Tosh commented about his surroundings in the theatre. "A little too much molding for my taste, I like a more contemporary theatre, but this is pretty." Do you agree?

This post was written by Lehigh Valley InSite guest blogger David Saba.