My name is Kendall and I am a coffee shop addict.

While I do love a good cup of coffee, that's not the driving force behind my coffee shop addiction. It's the coffee shop itself: big pillowy chairs, high-top tables, wireless Internet, walls painted in a pallet of warm colors and John Mayer's whiney voice humming from speakers hooked up to an iPod (yes, I enjoy the humming). The atmosphere of the coffee shop is the real reason I go.

My latest coffee cravings have taken me to Mas Cafe in Emmaus. "Mas" as my friends and I call it, serves locally roasted coffee and organic baked goods. I like the fact that you can enjoy a good ol' PB&J or treat yourself to my favorite, the turkey and Gouda sandwich. Not a coffee drinker? The iced chai is the best I've ever tasted! Plus, the cafe's MySpace page regularly posts announcements for their open mic nights and guest performers -- convenient when you're looking for something to do.

Any coffee junkies out there have any suggestions on a new place for me to try in the Valley?