I have to be honest, I'm not really a big fan of baseball. So why did I buy an 18-game mini plan ticket package at Coca-Cola Park? To be part of the experience that is Lehigh Valley IronPigs baseball, of course. Let me explain.

I try to arrive at least half an hour early for each game to get settled in. After dropping off my large red #1 foam finger and logoed seat cushion at my seat, I'm off to find food.

This season I been starting off with a smoked turkey leg and a cold beer, usually a Fegley's Amber Lager or Pig Pen Pilsner. Next, it's time for an ear of Aw Shucks roasted corn with all the toppings.

When the 7th inning stretch rolls around, I'm off to the ice cream stand for a Turkey Hill hot fudge sundae and a Coke. If it's a longer game, there might also be room for roasted peanuts, cotton candy or hot pretzels. Basically, I eat my way through the game!

In between all of this munching I enjoy watching the action on the field, but that doesn't necessarily mean the game. I watch the antics of mascots Ferrous and FeFe (pictured above), enjoy the play-along games on the JumboTron, clap and shout out group cheers when instructed, and get up and shake my thing to the music.

The Dancing Dirt Dudes are my all-time favorite at the games. These guys are such bad dancers that they're great! They come out to groom the field and half way through break into a choreographed number that drives the fans wild. Here's a short video I shot of the Dudes dancing to "Thriller" last year: http://twurl.nl/ieu14p

So I never really know what the score is or who won until everyone gets up to leave and I invariably ask "Is the game over?" Yes, I've missed the game, but who cares - this is how I have fun.

How do you enjoy an IronPigs baseball game?